Competition Instructions – QP Resort Games 

Edited on July 30th 2021 at 7 pm. There are additions to competition rules concerning live broadcasts, terrain information (steel wires found in the terrain) and covid prevention.

The final competition instructions will be available at the competition center.

Special instructions for preventing virus infections are at the end of this document. Please read them carefully before arriving to the competition center.

Competition officials

  • Chief of competition: Ossi Lakkala 040-6535155
  • Vice chief of competition: Antto-Iiro Suhonen 050-4035711
  • Course advisor: Markku Hyvönen (NurmSe) 044-2708868
  • Course setter team leader: Aarne Keurulainen 041-4361199
  • Course setters: Sakari Hyvönen, Olli Himanen, Marko Lamminsalo, Mikko Karjalainen
  • Start: Mauno Korhonen
  • Finish/result service: Timo Kokko (timo.kokko (at)
  • Open categories: Markku Kotamäki
  • Info: Sanna Multala, Laura Netshajev
  • Safety: Eino Launonen
  • Signposting and parking: Timo Ruotsalainen
  • First aid: SPR Kuopion osasto
    Media: Mikko Leppävuori (mikko.leppavuori(at)
  • Judge panel: Taisto Kemppainen (chair person), Hannu Heiskanen, Kimmo Kettunen
  • Suunnistusliiga/ISTV (Finnish orienteering league): Mikko Reitti


Competition rules

The competition follows the rules of the IOF and the Finnish Orienteering Federation (SSL) and guidelines given by the organizer.

It is prohibited for competitors to watch the competition broadcasts or to acquire any information about the competition maps and courses nor share it to other competitors, coaches and other people involved during the contest.

Orienteering equipment

Clothing must be in accordance with the rules set out by SSL. Spikes are not allowed.


Competition center and parking

Parking at QP Resort, address: Vehmersalmentie 735, 71130 Kuopio.

Distance from parking to competition center max 500 m. Parking fee 5 euros; you can pay at the info desk. Please have your parking permit displayed in your car when leaving the area.

Competition center maps



When arriving from the north, signposting to the parking area begins at the intersection of Joensuuntien (9) and Vehmersalmentien (539); this is 7 km from the competition center. The address of the first signpost is: Vehmersalmentie 2, 70940 Kuopio

When arriving from the south, from the direction of Vehmersalmi, drive north along road number 539, the distance from Vehmersalmi to the competition center is 18km. Please note that there is a ferry crossing at Puutossalmi; check the timetables in advance.



The terrain comprises of nearly untouched forest growing mainly pine and spruce. There are little traces of forestry but in the areas where trees have been felled the marks have flattened and thus do not considerably prevent fast orienteering. There are no trails in the area. The terrain base varies from fast moss-covered ground to stony ground with bare rock and rock faces. The passability varies between good and excellent. The visibility varies from open pine forests to small-featured rock areas in multiple levels. 

In the spruce forests the visibility may also vary surprisingly much. Due to the time of year, there is a lot of grass vegetation which may prevent visibility in all courses. The maximum climb is 40m. The terrain offers a lot of challenge for orienteering.

There is an old rock quarry in the area encircled by a steel wire. Crossing the wire must be done with special care. There quarry has not been marked out of bounds either on the map or in the terrain. The quarry is marked on the model map at the start. 

Near the second last controls there is an area of 15 m x 15 m containing iron wires. This area is marked in the terrain with a tape line (see the picture below) and will not affect race times. 

On the children’s courses (H/D8-10 RR, RRS ja H/D12TR) the terrain is easier to read. There are also trails to support orienteering. The competitors in children’s classes must cross a stream twice. The passability of the terrain is good. 

The only out-of-bounds area is situated near the last control. It is marked both in the terrain and on the map. 

Immediately after this competition, the area becomes an embargoed area. It is forbidden to train or compete in the area with the exception of the fitness orienteering event on 5th August arranged by Kuosu. The embargoed areas in the Kuopio region are listed on the KuoSu homepage in Eventor. Here you can find the training terrains available in Kuopio. Harjoitusmaastot Kuopion ympäristössä.



Mapping 5/2021 (MML laser scanning data). Mapper Jussi Silvennoinen. The maps are Grano print maps in plastic covers. Map size A4; in TR, RR and RRS categories map size A5. 

Contour interval 5 m. There is no old map of the area.   



H/D21-H/D12, H/D12TR, H/D8-10 RR/RRS ja H/D35-40 1:10 000.

H/D45 and older classes 1:7500. 



information desk at the competition center. We accept cash and most common debit and credit cards.


Emit, competition numbers, back up cards and descriptions

The competitors are responsible for competing with the correct emit number. Check your emit number from the start list.

Changes in emit numbers can be made by filling this form Emit muutokset or in urgent cases on the competition day 050-3754103. The fee for changing an emit number is 5€ and it is paid to the Kuopion suunnistajat  account: Kuopion Suunnistajat ry FI53 5609 1820 0200 08.

Emit cards for rent can be obtained at the info desk at a fee of 5€. A fee of  70 €  will be charged for emit cards not returned.

The competition number bibs are at the start. Please take your own safety pins. Emit back up cards are available at the start.

Control descriptions are printed on the maps and from classes H/D 12 and older there are also separate descriptions available at the start. The descriptions with explanations in classes H/D12 and younger are displayed before the competition at the competition center and in the start. 


Sample control

At the competition center. Please check your emit card is working. There are also a couple of spare emit cards at the start. A sample RR control is at the start. 


Start times

D21A first start at 10:00. H21A first start a little later overlapping with D21A. H/D21A starting order according to ranking. In other classes start times are drawn.

Start times (lähtöajat) are published at the competition site at Start times follow the instructions given by SSL.



The route from the competition center to the start is marked with:

  • Start 1 orange-white plastic tape with text OP, distance 1,2km
  • Start 2 yellow-black plastic tape with text Savon Sanomat, distance 0,9 km. (H/D12TR, H/D8-10 RR/RRS and open categories)

Starts 1 and 2 are in different directions, please check the right direction at the signpost at the competition center. 


Procedure at the start

Start 1 H/D21-H/D12, H/D35-H/D85.

  • 5 min before start: The competitor is called to the start box
  • 4 min before start: The competitor takes the control descriptions 
  • 3 min before start: Emit reset
  • 2 min before start: A map of the area can be seen
  • 1 min before start: H/D21A competitors place themselves next to the ISTV map table. Other competitors place themselves next to the bucket containing the right map. In classes H/D12 the competitor is given the map 1 min before the start. 
  • The start: the competitor takes the map and runs along the marked route and past the K-point into the terrain

A competitor who is late for the start must contact the start area officials. A competitor in the ISTV H/D21 category who is late for the start may start for the course after the next “normal” start. In other categories a competitor who is late must follow the instructions of the start area officials.

Start 2 H/D8-10RRS, H/D8-10RR, H/D12TR and open categories

The start is at the K-point at the start area. The children’s RR course (and RRS course) is marked in the terrain with an unbroken white plastic tape. An orange line marks this tape line on the map.

In categories RR and RRS there are normal controls with codes RR1, RR2 etc. The last control is the same with other categories and there are three control units, one of which is marked RR and the others with the code 100. You can punch at whichever of these.

In RR and RRS categories a competitor is not disqualified because of a missing punch but an extra 10 minutes per missing punch is added to their finishing time. 

The TR course tape is marked on the map similarly to the RR course. There are ordinary number codes at the TR course controls. At the last control the competitor may use a control unit marked 100 or RR.

At the finish, an official checks that the competitor has punched all the right controls in the right order. The competitor is not disqualified if they have extra control punches in addition to the right ones. This applies to all competitors.

Classes, start, course lengths, number of controls and number those awarded

Control units

The control units have been built of natural materials. A control flag and an emit control unit are at the control point. The control code is on the control unit. In RR and RRS classes the code is also on the flag.


Drinking stations

There are no drinking stations in the terrain.



Competitors must follow the marked route from the last control to the finish. This route crosses a road. After punching at the finish line, competitors continue forward to the result service.

There is a separate finish and result service for open categories. Follow the signposting before the finish line.

Faults in punching are dealt with immediately. Possible protests will be addressed to the judge panel. The finish line is closed at 15:00.



A competitor who wishes to withdraw from the competition must notify an official at the finish line.



The results are displayed on the competition’s website. There is no result board at the competition center. The official results will be verified at 18:00 on the competition day. 



All children up to 14 years old will be given a prize after the finish line. In classes H/D21A and Inov8 the three best will be awarded; in other classes the winners.

In classes H/D21A and Inov 8 there is a prize giving ceremony. In other classes the prizes may be obtained from the Info desk after the results are ready. There are no prizes in open categories. 


Fitness orienteering / Open categories

There is fitness orienteering during the competition at 11-13:00 with emit timing. The results will be published online in Rastilippu.

There are three courses to choose from (A-difficult, B-challenging, C-easy). Fee 10 €. You can sign in at the Rastilippu online service or the info desk where you are given a receipt of your payment. When signing in, you are given a paper which enables you to get a map from the start area.

The start for open categories is L2 (the same as the children’s start) and the finish is the same as in the competition classes. At the open courses start, you may choose your course from the model maps displayed at the start and then take the right map from the map bucket.

Timing starts when you lift your emit card from the emit reset unit at the start. Wait for three flashes before lifting the card. There is a separate lane at the finish for open categories.


Orienteeering equipment

There are shops selling orienteering equipment at the competition center. 


First aid

SPR Kuopio first aid station at the competition center.


Child care

There is no child care by the organisors.



At Start 1 and at the competition center. No toilets at start 2.


Cafeteria, dressing  and washing facilities 

There are cafeteria and restaurant services provided by QP Resort at the competition center. There are no dressing facilities.

You may wash at Niittylahti beach 2,3km from the competition center. Bathing in the Kortesalmi Channel next to the competition center is forbidden due to the strong current. 


We warmly welcome you to visit the terrain type of WOC 2025! 

 Kuopion Suunnistajat ry


Instructions for prevention of virus infections

The competition is organized in accordance with instructions and guidelines given by the Regional State Administrative Agency for Eastern Finland, THL (Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare) and the Ministry of Education and Culture


Before the competition

If you feel ill stay at home. Note the COVID-19 prevention instructions when using public transport. Share a ride only if it is safe.


At the competition site

Use a face mask when it is hard to avoid close contact. Throw used masks in the garbage. Remember the safety distances also at the start and finish.

Please enter the competition center max 30 min before your start and leave the area as soon as possible after finishing.

There is hand sanitizer provided by the organizer but we recommend also using your own. Take care of hand hygiene before and after the competition as well as after using the toilets. 

The toilets are disinfected at regular intervals during the competition. Please queue outdoors.

You will be offered a face mask and hand sanitizer after the finish line.


During the competition

All control units are disinfected during the competition. Avoid touching your face and close contacts with other participants during the contest. Try to avoid touching the control unit when punching and move away from the control point directly after punching.